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Winner Chicken Janet | Overthinking Kimi | Bye, We’ll Play Next Time | Offline TV Highlights

Thank you, I Don’t have I don’t have my lights On because it makes my face look red and I don’t want to look red. Does that look more resin usual? Tonight thanks to 36 lines. Hi Mmm, can I help you? Tell me I Thank you for 15 and beanie for Damon Listen, I’ll still really what about now. Is that better? Well now is that better I’m trying to talk like cloudy Thank You knife for the bids and slam challenge myself and Sulley And she’s like we’re here. Where are you and I’m like Today we’re supposed to eat together today and then she’s like oh Shoot I said tomorrow By tomorrow I meant tonight And I’m like, oh, no like I’ll get ready and I’ll meet you Oh no me you and like I’ll eat with you and over it. So, oh, I think it sounds great. Is it the shoe? No, it’s the road Procaster. Oh Is it like log? Yeah, it’s long and really thick Okay a Flying kite lol. Thanks for the tea. You’re happy to hear. Thank you Very thick log and thanks. I said I was looking at scar for a second In the pants So it can’t be a jinx cool, that’s cool Yeah, I won’t I won’t But I wont yeah, okay cool I could leak your internet browser history to all of your please check Ah, you don’t think about that Chase watch what you Watch truth I don’t know. I’m feeling I’m feeling a little really I should have just altered It’d be kids I’m never splitting again I’ve I’m traumatized from yesterday Gigging I don’t I’m robbing Hot you also likes red lipstick so now we can’t win Okay, so let’s see this all happened today by the way, ah Do you plan with deaf and hot you create trip we’re planning it right now I still have to respond to there lots of clowns Not Jessica, but the whole circus Wait, did you get plat last season? Okay, all right dude, I was just wondering because I felt like you were pretty good get it Yeah, can you how to chase watch what you say? Because I Don’t know I’m feeling I’m feeling a little triggered I’m feeling a little like I ran today Yes, okay, oh My god Don’t say any swear words on stream see Shelton in my studio No, she didn’t say anything about racist words did she I’m gonna do what they call a pro-gamer move Every season It just depends for you and less season Gin come thank you for the $3. I did. I love your pottery course your punchy days You used to freak everyone I get winner chicken dinner. Thank you so much. I was playing at oh man but I got a champion puddle a Champion puddle not a pool a puddle. Oh My god, my phone is dying oh You watch hunter x hunter, right Nope. Oh Oh my god, Jeremy. I know how much you love Jojo one hunter x hunter is a really good toe, please watch ahead Please seriously I’m serious Okay, please It’s on crunchyroll. Oh, oh, no. It’s on Netflix – Okay And then update me. Yeah. Well, no, I actually have to watch it It’s like homework Someone wrote see I’m getting testimonies in chat Hunter x Hunter is one of the best as a fellow Jojo lover Hunter x Hunter is my favorite anime, oh They took Hunter x Hunter out of Netflix I Swear god this is literally why that’s a lot of stolen goods. What do you mean? Why is everyone’s family people leave Through our hamster power All right, that’s a good one for me to take a break Free well play next time but it’s TFT so I can carry Hi, bye, bye, bye Alright I was actually gonna do it for me so oh It’s Mauro you kidding me and not tomorrow I got uh, you know me You know I got ya I am a genius long and thicc,Silver 2 climbing to dia+, bye, we’ll play next time, Winner chicken janet :3, mykull is scary, will my internet be stable today, Overthinking Kimi You


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