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Winter trout fishing – 300 hours of fly fishing

Easter Friday. Super quick stop at the river
It’s quite cold. – 6 or 7 degrees Even though we have little bit of sunshine
it’s cold. So we are not too hopeful. But it’s always worth to try. I think I go for something small and black. Loops on the rod get frozen, because it’s -6 C. So little bit challenging. When winter fishing in minus temperatures there’s
a challenge of getting these loops frozen so tip of today. How to… What to do with
these Melt them. If you have a better tip please let me know. Suddenly it full-on winter again.
Goodbye sunshine. As a conclusion Great day. The dog says let’s go back
home, she is bored. An awesome trout Even though we didn’t expect much. You
never know about winter. I think now we head back to the cottage
and have some sauna. And now you get out there!


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