WOW! Fishing in Illinois -ft. TackleJunky81 and Phantom Fishing

as he spawning yeah too deep spawner nice hey Jim this is what a big fish looks like that's nice that's a copy I did not know Illinois made them this big that's four and a half maybe five enough fish India did you see how I went down that's why we you bring a net man like this [Applause] I think we ought to call for the net man no matter what size hey move out of the way so my camera can get to watch it's got the old coughing special square bill on the one thing I've learned about fishing in Illinois your bait either needs to be black and blue or chartreuse so it makes your bait selection color pretty simple black and blue or shorter if you throw anything else it better be black and blue or chartreuse because there's not much clean clear water in this light this isn't clear stop singing visibility about two feet black and blue or something with chartreuse that man like that another Gooden I may have to take the middle of the book but Jimmy oh you need the net that man I'll be your neck man we're gonna get it in the grass and lose it don't let just pull it straight back dude that sick they let it up here in front of camera let's see that's a fatty yes really 3.8 all 'some the mood has all of a sudden gotten serious we went from ragging on each other dead silence a nice afraid that by the end of the day he's gonna be left looking like the rookie he's working on accepting it he's back there saying huh accept accept no I don't think so so guys let me tell you a little bit about Amy or Phantom fishing so his his video state they run pretty much the gamut he does live with a kayak fishing a little bit of boat fishing some other stuff I have no clue anything about but he's got a really cool logo which is true he's got a really cool logo that's about just of it about covers it it is a cool logo the he hammered that sucker we have a professional net man on board was that a froggy fish oh man hey Nick man Nick man we need that that's the one I missed we all got big into down but we gonna put that one in the box Wow look at that so Andy can catch big fish oh that was a big one whoa that was a toad dude that was like a shark that broke my heart oh man so I want to talk a little bit about tackle junkie 81 I've known him for a long number of years and nothing's changed now I tell ya little bit about his channel his channel covers meaning he's the tackle junkie I mean he's a he's a tackle freak his specialty is tackle tackle organization real cleaning he's got some of the best real cleaning videos out there and he he knows his stuff and he loves to measure out a call what I like about undies he's severely OCD am i right yes yeah severely OCD so if you want to know the right way to organize your tackle watch his videos because the son of a gun is the most organized person I've ever met in my life I know that if he turns around licks in the floor of my boat right now it's gonna drive him nuts because I'm not organized so definitely an expert of that he loves to keep track of what's coming out and doing the market he loves to just introduce you guys to tackle it introduce you guys to the things that he loves to do and that's why I like him so much he just fits that little niche that really a lot of people don't cover so that's Joomla dukkha be sure to subscribe and that whatever that channel is tackle drunky 81 exactly that's bigger than the one she caught this morning now they're gonna him to the ground that's something to pop out they'll slide right into that gray are you hey more kids fish I know there's like bald guy nice all right guys I'm gonna call it least someone make an outro then I'm gonna go back to fishing and whack them but be sure to subscribe to these two dudes channels I'll leave the description down in the or I'll leave the the there you know the little link things down the description to their channel and man get out there go fishing the weather's great the fish are still shallow right now you should be able to whack them I know we did on a lake where the last time I count like five about this long and Jim didn't catch well I can only say be sure you introduce somebody to busy introduce into my channel let me help you teach the amount of fish more importantly get out on the water going to catch some fish and have a great day we'll see you


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