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Yellow Bullhead Catfish, Gar, and Freshwater Drum!

Got it! It’s a pike. Oh, it’s a gar! What’s up, everybody! It’s Tiefsa, and I’m making another video about a new species that I caught. I went to the Wisconsin River two times actually, and it’s quite an adventure where I went to get there. I guess this is my entry point This is one of my dumber ideas. And when I was there, there’s all these fish by the shore freaking out this is right at dawn,
actually before dawn. It’s a good sign Fish are jumping, right in front of me. So I cast a Mepps spinner which I had on there, and this is the cool part it was a gar. It was a gar, and I got one
on my line. Got it! It’s a pike Oh, it’s a gar. You gotta be kidding me!
get in here. Oh I snagged it. Oh jeez. It’s a gar. Now as you could see, I didn’t
really have it hooked. Maybe you couldn’t tell in the video, I actually snagged it,
and dragged it to shore, and once it was on shore, it flopped and went back in the
river, so that does not count. Finally got something. What do I got. Ooh. Freshwater drum. Yes yes yes! Whoo! Now the last video I caught a dogfish, but I also caught a yellow bullhead, in that video,
which is a new species because the first time I caught a bull head it was a black
bullhead. Look at him. Look at the fish it’s a tiny bullhead. Hey bullhead. Now, here’s how I came to figure all this stuff out, so when I caught it I knew it looked different and I wanted to
look at the tail because the tail of a yellow bullhead is a little different
than a blackbull head, but the yellow bullhead got all mad, and was all like Meeeahh. Look at its tail. Hey! Calm down. All right let’s take this off. Let’s look at this again. This tail, oh man. All right. Let’s let him go. Then I had to let it go because I
dropped, and I’m like enough torture to this fish, but the next day, you see this
rod right here, my son picked a cattail and when he picked the cattail, he’s like,
I want to make this into a fishing rod so I got out some paper clips and duct
tape to make the eyes for it then I used this old reel and duct tape it to it and
I went to the pond where I did catch the black bullhead the first time and well
we caught a blackbull on this rod and I’m like, wow this bullhead looks a lot
different than the bullhead I caught the day before. Here’s how I know. The
barbels, the whiskers if you will are black on a black bullhead and on the
yellow bullhead, well, it is yellow looking for one, but also if you look at
its whiskers they’re pretty yellow so there are different species for sure.
All right. So there you have it. Species 24, the yellow bullhead! oh
that’s awesome. Now I got a go. I’ve got important stuff to do right now like
release monarchs. Look at this. See that? Oh there it goes. That was it’s first fight. We release monarchs and we’ve got a bunch of them that are out right now if my cat doesn’t murder
’em before they get loose. You see them Yeah. They just hatched. We’ve got lots of
crystallises chrysalis, I and well I’m gonna release these guys. Yeah I’m just
the Nature Boy, not the original Ric Flair Nature Boy, whoo, we like Nature
here at the Tiefenthaler household. All right give me a number one cuz you’re
number one. I’m 24. That’s how many species of fish in caught. I’m actually 40 years old.
All right, push all the good buttons. You know what to do! YEAH!


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